DNRGPS is a self-contained program which means it can be run from anywhere – your hard drive, a thumb drive, a network location. Simply unzip the DNRGPS folder and place in the location of your choice.


  • ArcGIS
    • Compatible with versions 10.0 and above.
    • There is no longer a Toolbar within ArcMap. All communication is instigated from DNRGPS
  • Google Earth
    • Best with version 3.0.0762 and above

Support discontinued for:

  • Arcview 3.x
  • ArcGIS 9.x
  • ArcExplorer

Installation issues: None reported (Report an issue)

Note: You do NOT need to uninstall the previous version of DNRGarmin to run DNRGPS. If you do have DNRGarmin installed, the first time you open DNRGPS, it will ask if you want to import properties from the previous version (DNRGarmin).

Administrators: Check out the SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR GUIDE for more details on customizing the application for your users.