• My data is not projecting correctly:

    Try using File -> Set Projection to correct the x_proj and y_proj values.

  • I already have the correct projection set, and yet DNRGPS adds a duplicate projection definition when I load a shapefile:

    There are many ways to specify the exact same projection and sometimes it is hard to tell that two different descriptions in fact refer to the same projection. This will only happen at most once for each unique new projection definition.

  • I get an error about the “type initializer” when attempting to load from or save to files:

    Restarting the machine has fixed this problem in the past.

  • Real Time Tracking doesn’t work with my Garmin:

    If your Garmin model goes into mass storage mode when you plug it in, you will have to put it into spanner mode. See REAL TIME MENU for more details.

  • My archived tracks do no show up under the Track -> Download menu:

    Recent firmware installs an auto-archiving option for tracklogs for many Garmin handheld GPSes. This is different than manually saving an active track to a named track. Use LOAD FROM and load the archive.gpx file located in the Garmin’s subdirectory. Once the file is loaded, save it to another format using SAVE TO.