DNRGPS is an Open Source update to the popular DNRGarmin application. It provides users the ability to transfer data between handheld GPS receivers and GIS software. Users will be familiar with most of the functions in DNRGPS because they were also found in DNRGarmin.


  • accomodates newer GPS models
  • works with ArcGIS 10, and
  • is available for the Open Source community to modify and share

Download DNRGPS

Functionality Detail
Upload/Download waypoints,tracks,routes supported FILE TYPES
Convert between points, lines and areas  
Calculate Circular Error Probability  
Image hotlinking  
Real-time tracking  
Set projections  
USB connectivity  

This program integrates GIS Software (ESRI’s ArcMap, Google Earth) with GPS units. It uses a C# program that interacts with the GPS via a serial/USB port allowing GIS users to transfer Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes from a GPS to ArcMap or Google Earth and store them as points, lines or polygons. Information can also be uploaded from various FILE TYPES to the GPS and used as waypoints, tracks, or routes.

DNR GPS can also be used to perform real-time tracking with your GPS and GIS. Connected to a laptop computer with ArcMap, a Garmin GPS can be a valuable tool for locating oneself and for interactive data collection.