Uploads all GPS data (waypoints, tracks, and routes) from the Data Tables to the connected GPS device. Newer GPS models prompt the user for a name for the new gpx file to be created (a timestamp is automatically appended).

To only upload waypoints, tracks, or routes instead of all three, select Upload from the Waypoint, Track, or Route menu.

Depending on your GPS Model the IDENT field may contain anywhere from 6-many characters. Waypoints uploaded with IDENT values longer than the model allows will have the IDs automatically concatenated. If two waypoints have the same concatenated ID they will overwrite each other.

One of the things that you have to watch out for is the overwriting of waypoints in the GPS. Each waypoint in the GPS has an ID. When you upload waypoints, any waypoint in the gps that has the same ID as an uploading waypoint will be overwritten. This is especially dangerous when you upload graphics as waypoints. Because graphics don’t have any attributes the extension gives each waypoint a sequential ID 1 - n number of graphic points. It is really easy to overwrite waypoints this way so make sure you have planned accordingly.

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