There are basically 2 steps to downloading data from your GPS to your PC:

  1. Download data from the GPS

    • To download all GPS data types (waypoints/tracks/routes), go to GPS => Download All and select what you want to download.
    • To download only waypoints, tracks, or routes, go to that GPD data type’s menu and select Download (Waypoint => Download, Track => Download, or Route => Download).
    • Once the data is downloaded you may edit it prior to saving. Edits include modifying cell values or field properties or converting between waypoints/tracks/routes. To see more options for data manipulation see the data table page.
  2. Save data to a file, database, or GIS graphic from the DNRGPS Data Table

    • Go to File => Save To and choose a destination (File, Database, Web Service, Arcmap, Google Earth). Note: To load from Arcmap it must be running.
    • For more on saving data see Saving Data

General Information

Each waypoint, track point, and route point has one or more attributes associated with it depending on the type of GPS receiver you have. You can choose to turn off extra columns if you don’t need them. You can even delete individual records if you want. For more on editing the table, go to Data Table.

Data is downloaded in Lat/Long WGS84 coordinates. When the download is complete this spatial information is projected to the user specified projection. The projected Y and X coordinates are stored in the Y_Proj and X_Proj fields. For more on projections go to the Projection Utility.

Once you have the GPS information in the Data Table you can save it as a Text file, Shapefile, GPX file, KML file, Mapinfo file, Arcmap Graphic, ArcMap Geodatabase Feature Class, a PostgreSQL database feature class, or a Web Service. For more on this go to the SAVE TO page.

Garmin Colorado, NUVI, Oregon models - These units have a different communication protocol with the computer and, therefore, have a bit different technique for Uploading/Downloading data. When the GPS is connected to the computer it shows up as a mass storage device (a Drive in Windows Explorer). When you Download data using DNRGPS it is pulling data from a GPX file on the storage device called CURRENT.GPX (possibly located at GARMIN/GPX or GARMIN/GPX/CURRENT).